Yo ho Yo ho, a Pirate’s life for me

I really liked these readings, It was a little palette cleanser to the Foccualt. I especially loved the Pirates. You normally think that piracy happens in other places around the world, but it really happened in our backyard, most of the time many ships were boarded at Cape Hatteras. Most of the ships were headed to Virginia. After the pirates would take over the ship, they would request a pilot. The “head” pirate would pretend to be the pirate  They would hold  them hostage to guide them to the harbor. And they would do this from ship to ship until they made it back out to sea again. When each pirate was caught and sentenced to death, I found it was karma that Fly’s corpse was hung by chains at the entrance to the harbor. I noticed that Fly never changed, or felt remorseful for his actions. 


Then we move to Thomas Powers, who raped a woman and went on rampage stealing money. He blamed his crimes one of his father’s slaves. After he was caught, he then broke out of jail with 2 other inmates. With his handcuffs still on! I found this especially funny because he was on this search to find a way to cut off his handcuffs, but he was either in fear of getting caught or he just ran out of time. He never repented for his action, just like Fly did but he also knew that he was under the judgement of the Redeemer. After he was executed, he gave his body to the use of science where they would dissect his body for studies. I found this very interesting because he is the only one so far in our readings that he gave his body up like that.